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Voluntary Termination

Under section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act, you have the right to end your agreement with us at any time (unless it has already been terminated by us).  This is known as “Voluntary Termination”. If you decide to Voluntarily Terminate your agreement, you will need to return the vehicle to us, and there may be further sums to pay.

We have set out information below on:

1. The Vehicle Return Process

If you would like to Voluntarily Terminate your agreement with us and return the vehicle, we ask that you complete the Voluntary Termination Form which can be found here and return it to us.

a) You can return it to one of our auction house partners – please contact us for details of your nearest drop-off site. 

We will not make any charge for this; or

b) We can arrange for the vehicle to be collected from you.  The collection costs are set out in the next section.

2. Your Liability

If you would like to Voluntarily Terminate your agreement and return the vehicle to us, there may be further sums to pay.  These sums may consist of the following:

Outstanding Finance

If you have already paid at least half of the total amount payable under your agreement and your account is up to date, there will be no further instalments to pay. If your account is in arrears however, you will still need to pay us the arrears.

If you have not already paid half of the total amount payable, you will be liable to pay to us the difference between this figure and what you have paid towards the agreement to date, or the full amount of any arrears, whichever is greater.

Collection Charges

If you would like us to arrange collection of the vehicle from you, the charges are as follows:

Please Note

You are under no obligation to make use of this collection service. Choosing not to use the service does not affect your right to Voluntarily Terminate your agreement and return the vehicle. You will however need to take the vehicle to one of our drop-off sites – please contact us for details of your nearest site.

Damage Compensation

Your agreement with us requires you to keep the vehicle in good repair/working order and condition (we of course expect reasonable wear and tear).  We may charge you if:

Prior to selling the vehicle, we will obtain a market valuation for the vehicle based on it being in average condition for its age and mileage. If we achieve 85% of that valuation at auction, no charge will be applied, however if the sale price is less than 85% of market value, this demonstrates that the damage has reduced the vehicle’s value and we will charge you the difference.

Please Note:

3. Vehicle Return Standards

Our vehicle return standards are in line with industry guidelines.Provided your vehicle meets these standards, you will not be charged damage compensation, even if it sells for less than expected at auction.

1CleanlinessThe vehicle must be in a clean condition both inside and out with all personal items removed.
2TyresTyre tread must meet legal standard of 3mm. With no sidewall damage including cuts, tears, or bulges.
3WheelsNo gouges or damage which exceeds 50mm in total length of the circumference of each wheel.
4Bodywork– No accident damage.
– No scratches which penetrate the base coat.
– No more than 2 dents per panel (this allowance does not include dents to swage panels or roofs)
– No damage which is visible at a 2-metre stand-off around vehicle
– No obvious evidence of poor repair such as flaking paint, preparation marks, paint contamination, rippled finish, or poorly matched paint.
5Stone ChipsStone chips which have penetrated the base coat and have caused rusting (however, due to the age and mileage of your vehicle we appreciate some stone chips are inevitable).
6LightsAll lights must be in working order with no visible cracks or damage.
7Windscreen– No chips within the driver’s line of view
– No cracks or distortion
– Applies to all windows, including side and rear.
8Interior– No cuts, tears, or burns
– Must be clean and free from any damage
– Accessories such as parcel shelves, load covers, satellite navigation discs and all original items must be returned with the vehicle.
Service & Mechanical Condition
 – As per your terms and conditions, you are responsible to maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
– The vehicle must be taxed, serviced and hold a valid MOT certificate.
10Registration PlateIf you have a private plate and wish to retain it, you must remove it from the vehicle and return the original registration plates, inform the DVLA of the plate change and acquire the previous vehicle registration document.

In order to assist our customers through the Voluntary Termination process, we have partnered with G3 Remarketing to offer the G3 Appraisal app, which you can download on your smartphone.  The app will allow you to take a 360° video of your vehicle, take photos of any specific damage and note other relevant details which may affect its value. 

The information is then sent to us, and a member of our team will contact you if they think there are any issues likely to result in further charges, so you are aware of this before the vehicle is returned.

Use of the app is optional and free, but we would recommend you check your data allowance with your network provider before downloading. Please note that this app has been developed and is managed by G3, who are responsible for the security measures around the app, data transmission and storage. To learn more, search for “G3 Vehicle Appraisal” on iTunes or Google Play.

4. Next Steps

If you have read and understood the Vehicle Return Standards, understand Your Liability and have decided to go ahead with the Voluntary Termination, you must notify us in writing 7 working days before your next contractual instalment is due, or that instalment will be payable as usual.  Please find a copy of our Voluntary Termination Form here, which you can return to us either by post or by email to

If you have any questions about Voluntary Termination, or of you would like to discuss the option further with one of our agents, please feel free to contact us before making a decision.

Upon receipt of the Voluntary Termination Form we will start this process for you.  If you have asked us to collect the vehicle, we will instruct a collection agent to contact you to arrange collection. If you have chosen to deliver the vehicle, you will also be contacted to book in a delivery slot, as delivery is by appointment only.   You will need to allow up to 10 days for the transport of the vehicle, from the day we receive the completed form. You must ensure that our collection agent has a legal right to enter the collection location.  If you do not have the vehicle available prior to the next contractual instalment, you will be required to make this payment.

Once an agreed date for transport is arranged, our representative will go to the arranged address and inspect your vehicle, note any damage which is obvious and confirm if the vehicle is legal and driveable. Please note that they are not trained to fully inspect vehicles to an engineer’s standard as this type of inspection will be done on the vehicle’s arrival to the auction house.

On arrival at the auction house, an inspector will appraise your vehicle for any damage or missing items, in accordance with our Vehicle Return Standards.   

After the vehicle has been sold, we will notify you in writing and by telephone of any further amounts payable for any damage (if applicable). See the Your Liability section for further details.

Please Note:

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