I am not vulnerable, BUT I need more time.

18 July 2023 | Finance Tips

‘Everyone is chasing me, and I don’t seem to have the time in the day to do anything constructive or move things forward’… does that sound like you? If so, you are not alone. Everything seems to be in a time warp, certainly since covid, but maybe it started before.

Days and weeks fly by and bills always seem to be due. Time between pay days seem to be longer, and yet shorter between bills. All the bills are going up but the pay is staying the same.

However, waiting and delaying talking or asking for help isn’t a good idea, it will make things worse. Just like with toothache, the sooner you see your dentist and the sooner the ache goes away – the sooner you deal with your finances, the sooner the dread goes away.

Yes, there may be some uncomfortable choices to be made, even hard choices, but once they are made and resolved, it starts getting better. The endless calls, texts and letters stop, and you get some free head space back.

Ask for breathing space and see a debt advisor, understand your personal options and make the best financial decision for you, and it will be different for everyone else. Don’t fall for an easy, too good to be true option. Always look for a reputable FCA registered lender.

There is some good news, if you have a Hire Purchase Agreement your bill will not go up, and there are no hidden mileage costs either.

We all need to get out of being in flight or fight mode and give ourselves a break.

Sam Challenger, Director of Customer Experience