I am not vulnerable, BUT I need some support.

28 June 2023 | Finance Tips

Ever since covid when I got texts saying I was vulnerable, and I needed to take extra care, I have wondered about how it could have been done differently. I didn’t like being called vulnerable and it made me worry excessively when I did get covid! Being more open with information as opposed to saying I could die would have been nicer, and much better for my mental health. I think the same is true with finance. We are not all vulnerable, but there are times when we need help, support, and more information. 

We are all feeling the squeeze right now and, for some, that squeeze is vice-like and never ending. We need to talk to our creditors and energy providers; we need to be open about our troubles and look for help as soon as possible. Ask about tariffs and if there is assistance, look at what changes you can make.

The sooner we all stop believing that everyone else is coping, the better we will all be. Everyone is making changes. Some are giving up gym memberships and television packages, some are shopping smarter, some are using foodbanks. All are good options and help during these times. If you need support, just ask, be open and it will make you feel better. I know talking doesn’t make money, but it does ease the stress and give you support. Be as proactive as you can.

We only offer Hire Purchase agreements, so the rules are different to loans and mortgages, but talking to us will never affect your credit file, it never has. And please remember, no matter how bad things get, only borrow from a reputable lender, one that is FCA regulated.

Sam Challenger, Director of Customer Experience